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This Zurubunch auto cool solar car fan product is 1 watt so more powerful and high rpm fully solar powered. No batteries needed, No wiring cut easy to put in and take away. Keep your car heat and toxic free new alternative energy car auto fan, air vent portable, car cooler, window fan highest in quality with reasonable price. This solar car cooler for all car users this can be 1w auto fan with large solar penal 11CM x 6CM. The auto cool solar powered fan will ensure that your car is usually the good thing on the road. Keep cool within the heat simply because it’s hot outside does not imply you’ve got to be hot while driving. It maintains a comfortable temperature level for your all journey. Auto cool solar car ventilation fan blows hot air out of the car. Car under the daylight and draws the fresh air in Keeps the car cool works within 5 s under sunlight.

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Key Features

auto cool solar car fan

This solar-powered car fan is perfect for the summer. It’s designed to cool you down while you’re stuck in traffic. All you need to do is plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter, and it’ll start cooling you down in minutes! With 1 watt of power, this fan is more powerful than most other solar fans on the market today. Plus, at 3000 rpm, this fan is one of the fastest spinning fans on the market too! If you’re tired of your car heating up in the summer and feeling stifled, this is the right product for you. This solar powered car fan runs on 1w and it has a high rpm, so it’ll cool down your car with ease! It also has a USB charging port to keep your devices running!

auto cool ventilation fan

Don’t Work On Extra Black Tinted Glass. Auto Cool Solar Car Fan is a miniature solar powered fan that is designed to lower the temperature inside your car by circulating air and increasing its overall airflow. It is resistant against heat, rain, and even snow. This solar powered car fan comes with a USB charger. You just need to plug it in and charge it anywhere you go. It provides 2x the airflow of traditional car cooling fans and can be installed easily in any car model making it one of the best coolers for cars available today. The Auto Cool Solar Car Fan has been on the market since last year but still remains one of the most effective cooling solutions for car owners who cannot afford or do not want to use a more expensive air conditioner system in their vehicles.

solar car cooler

Solar powered side window cooling fan. Auto Cool Solar Car Fan is a great invention for people who are looking for a cooling fan. The fan has been designed to keep you cool in the hot summer. This invention is the coolest of them all. This can keep you cool and fresh during long journeys or even if you have an outdoor job that makes it difficult to be comfortable with the heat outdoors. The Auto Cool Solar Car Fan is powered by solar power and can be mounted either in your car’s windshield or on a window. It has a rechargeable battery and can display temperature as well as time using its LED screen too!

solar powered cooling fanReducing the use of air-condition Reducing fuel consumption. Fans are usually the go-to device to get a little relief from the heat and stay cool on a hot summer day. Fans work by blowing air in a circular motion, from the top of one side to the bottom of the other. It is necessary for air to be constantly blown because as it moves across a surface it also cools its surroundings. A car fan does not have any blades and is powered by solar panels that absorb sunlight through glass or plastic lenses.

car ventilator auto cool systemKeeps valuable items safe from hot conditions Solar-powered and no batteries needed Long lasting and durable material. The Auto Cool Solar Car Fan has been designed by an engineer named Craig Wright, who was motivated by his own experiences with high-rise apartments in Houston where he would use fans to cool himself off during hot days. He invented this solar fan in order to make it easier for others to enjoy a breeze when they’re stuck inside their cars during the hotter months of summer.



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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 13 cm

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