Water And Sketch Pencil Colors BoxS.

Colors box is the most important tool for artist. Whether it’s drawing and painting, coloring or coloring, the colors box is an essential part of art work, because it contains all kinds of colors that you need to complete your work.

₹ 249.00

Water And Sketch Pencil Colours Box

A Pencil and Sharpener are included in the Set. your Child Can Draw what they would like to Color in a pencil colors box set

Thick Brush Stroke

Water and sketch pencil colors are all different but can be mixed together. It is important to know that water will wash out the color or shade on a paper but pencil marks do not.

Thick Brush Stroke

This color box set includes three watercolors, watercolor pencils, and a brush. It is great for when you are painting or drawing outside. You can paint with the colors included in the box or mix the colors together with some water.

Multiple colors

Multiple colored pens, crayons, watercolors, and pencils easy to sharpen a standard-sized colored pencil with spiral lines best result can be seen on Drawing Paper.