Get Discount on vegetable slicer & vegetable cutter Kitchen cooking quickly want to form delicious salads quickly and simply within the kitchen.

vegetable slicer

The unique vegetable slicer &  vegetable cutter allows you to spend the least time and reduce to effort for preparing food, and the powerful suction feet can be firmly sucked on the any surface, making it easier to operate.

Larger Feeder 

The round vegetable slicer 40% larger feeder can wedge more food and work faster, no need to precut and reload food repeatedly. Freely put in cheese, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, & nuts for making your salads, hash browns, pizza toppings & more.

Vegetable Chopper Slicer

This rotary cheese chopper has a larger capacity other than ordinary slicers, saving the step of precutting. Three kinds of blades provides you for four functions like- filament, grinding, flat filament, and slicing.

Stronger Suction Base & Installation

The suction cup area is larger, compared with the choice rotary cheese chopper. As a result, it could lock on a surface more tightly. The food slicer has three Interchangeable blades, which may be a great kitchen helper for both novices and old hands.