U Shaped Toothbrush

This kids toothbrush especially designed for children’s tender and sensitive teeth.

The u shaped toothbrush head is made of silicone

Food grade material is safe for baby health and fine craftsmanship are durable. This kids toothbrush materials used according to kids.

u shaped toothbrush

It can be firmly grasped when brushing teeth, and is designed in a proper size for kids’ hands, This kids toothbrush lightweight and comfortable to use without any problem.

Appearance of U shaped toothbrush

The U shaped toothbrush is intended with heart, star patterns, This kids toothbrush can catch children’s attention easily, combined with the intense and warm colors, This baby toothbrush helpful to develop children’s brushing habit and allow them to fall infatuated with brushing their teeth.

Easy To Used

This u shaped toothbrush make kids tooth brushing easy, attractive and interesting.

This kids toothbrush is so easy and fast that you can also teach your kids to do it yourself.