Men’s Sweat Shaper

Men’s sauna shapers sweat effect in love handles and fat belly, produce heat in workout to accelerate sweating for during exercise.

Key Features

Men’s body slimmer Vest Design

This Neoprene sauna shapers make of 80% Neoprene+20% Nylon. which is Comfortable, lightweight stretchy fabric. Quick-dry materials ,will quickly absorb and evaporate when in fitness you sweat more.

Sweat sauna shapers has been designed so that it’s incredibly light and comfortable to wear even for extended periods. It molds and moves with your body during workouts at the gym or work. Sweat sauna shapers is lightweight and comfortable, so it moves and stretches with you: during workouts at the gym, yoga, cardio, cycling, sports, and so much more. Wear Sweat sauna shapers under or over your clothes for a flat, toned look.

Whether it is yoga, fitness, workout, running, movement-related activities or casual wear, it can be easily controlled.