Baby Toothbrush | u shaped toothbrush

This kids toothbrush especially designed for children’s tender and sensitive teeth. letting baby has healthy gums and teeth for a long time. It is very comfortable kids toothbrush in affordable cost.

Baby Toothbrush | kids toothbrush

The u shaped toothbrush head is made of silicone. Food grade material is safe for baby health and fine craftsmanship are durable. This kids toothbrush materials used according to kids.

u shaped toothbrush

This kids toothbrush is so easy and fast that you can also teach your kids to do it yourself.

Best baby toothbrush

The u shaped toothbrush head provides a 360 cleaning from all angles, keeping the oral fissure healthier. This baby toothbrush is fits our children full mouth u shaped toothbrush fits who are around 2-6 years old specifically, and please note that they must use these baby toothbrush under adult supervision.