This digital table clock is Simple and generous design provide you with a fresh feeling and natural smooth curves with the massive alphanumeric display, making your clock appear in high-grade appearance. This is one of the top digital table clock.

Digital Table Clock

Size of digital clock

This Digital table clock is best size for beside the bed. This Led digital clock timepiece backlight music calendar thermometer clock desktop clock. This digital table clock size is 13x3x7 best for anyplace.

Led Digital Clock

This blue LED led digital clock have the function of displaying Date, Time, Month and Temperature and playing music, which has been one in all the essential clocks in our family. This digital clock is looking modern.

Function of digital clock

Electronic clock digital large LCD display, Smart backlight can stick with it automatically, you’ll be able to see the time clearly within the night. Includes month date alarm setting and indoor temperature. Small digital clock is one of the unique clock.


digital clock with seconds

electronic clock is modern digital clock which is suitable for all home. It is very best for decorate our home .