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This sticker remover is also ideal for removing labels, price tags, glue or tape residues after you’ve painted over them with different color paint.

Sticker Remover Spray

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Design of sticker remover

This is a Rapid Remover Spray, Better at Removing Glue and Sticky Adhesives on Surfaces. Say goodbye to sticker residue. Our adhesive remover wipes away glue and sticky residue without any chemicals.

Use Of Sticker Remover

We have developed this product because we had a tough time removing stickers from various surfaces. We found that our customers also had the same issue so we created Super Remover Formula to solve this problem. With Super Remover Formula there is no need for any harmful chemicals or solvents, just sprinkle it over sticker residue and let sit for about 10 minutes and watch as your sticker starts to disappear before your eyes! This product does not damage most non-porous surfaces when used as directed.